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Haley Jackson at MidCities D&M is the only person I will ever get a car from again. My last 4 have come from her. She makes the process too easy.
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DM Auto Leasing - Total Jack-N-Apes

Dear Anonymous,
I am terribly sorry for any miscommunication that resulted in your experience with D&M Leasing not being favorable. As a 35 year company rated #1 in the country by, we strive for excellent service in every situation. More than 70% of all of our business comes from repeat and referral business so we take our responsibility to our clients very seriously.
As President of the Houston operation, I'd very much like to speak with you personally to address your concerns. My direct line is 713-715-4611 and I can be reached any time during business hours.
Best Regards,
James Crossno
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  • Salesman lying to get the deal
Reason of review
Poor customer service

I told D&M two types of vehicles I was interested in.

It took them two weeks to call me back and tell me the deal was not doable.

Some nitwit kept trying to pull my credit, and I had to explain to him that I have

Very good credit and a hard pill was not a prudent thing to do.

In the end, I negotiated a much better deal myself. This is not rocket science!

This company is guilty of false advertising and incompetent employees . All they

Want to do is put you in a long-term lease where they make a killing!

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DM Auto Leasing - DM - Worst Customer Service - thieves

Thanks for bringing your situation to my attention. Over the course of a month's business we talk to thousands of prospects and transact ten to twelve thousand deals a year. Generally, we do a good job with customer service and sixty to seventy percent of that business is repeat and referred. The fact that we somehow weren't in the ballpark and at worst non-responsive in your case is unacceptable. I have spoken to our general manager in the Houston market and we will make the correct changes to do a better job. If there is anything personally I can do for you in the future don't hesitate to call.
Joe Graber
800-654-1288 x205
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A while ago i was trying to lease a car. I was in contact with Matt Copper. As a first buyer I was really trying to get a good deal. I was very curious about each details and Matt tried to explain everything to me. But numbers were still to high. At the end I sent message to Matt that I was not interested any more. I had a way better deal from another company. He wanted explanation from me and wanted to convince me anyway to lease from DM. I had already set up appointment. He asked me to wait and he would contact with me shortly with deal similar to other company. He has never called me back and I was delaying other person because of that. I was fair to DM. I was responding to emails and he never called me back even with " I am sorry we cannot lease u a car with that price range ". I DO NOT RECOMMEND DM.

PS: if i lease by myself i would pay about 100$ less monthly for a car. DONT BOTHER EVEN.

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DM Auto Leasing - Not Happy

Your comments posted online have been forwarded to me and I am eager to hear details of your experience. I appreciate you letting us know that there is an issue and I apologize for any inconvenience or miscommunication on our part.
Please contact me directly and I will make sure that we address your issues.
My office number is 817-461-8888 extension 305. If I am in the office I will pick up. If not, ask for Lisa Woodard my assistant at extension 394 and she can find me.

Best regards,
Joe Graber
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Update by user Mar 17, 2013

Well One Month after purchasing this Truck let me just list the problems I've had to fix with this truck.

1. New Tires - They did pay for new tires

2. Fix leak in transmission - Covered under Powertrain Warranty

3. Needed new front brakes - 20% left was squeaking very badly when stopping.

4. Had to replace battery - Battery completely died I had to get it jumped to take it in for service.

I took it to Champion Ford in Katy and they did an excellent job.

All of this one month after getting the truck. Not very happy that I had to leave my truck in the shop for 2 days to fix issues. The amount of time and money that I have wasted in the first month of owning this truck is not worth buying from them again. If you buy a used vehicle from this company be prepared to dish out some extra cash to fix issues that they will not check for. Or check them out yourself and then have them replace or fix the issues before you sign the contract. I was happy with how they dealt with the tires, but after all the new issues that have come up I am not going to mess with buying a car from them again. Go to a dealership to buy used because they actually thoroughly check the car and replace any issues (brakes, batteries, etc.) before putting the car up for sale.

Just an update on what the customer service manager told me. "D&M Leasing is a finance facilitating company. We have arranged the financing of the vehicle only. We do not have a service or body shop facility." So unless you are buying a brand new vehicle you are buying a truck that is "As Is." They go by the carfax as documentation that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle.

She did offer help finding discount service through one of their vendors. So buy a vehicle from them and then within a month they will help you find discount repair services to fix issues that you have with your vehicle that you bought from them.

Update by user Feb 14, 2013

After posting this I noticed that Joe Graber had left his email in response to a few other unhappy consumers. I emailed him with the same information from below.

Within 10 minutes he responded to my email and forwarded this information to the Manager in the Houston Market. He contacted me and he cut me a check for the amount of the tires. James was very professional and understanding and really worked to keep my business.

I am extremely happy with the outcome and James as regained my trust in the company. We are planning on buying another car in the next few years and I will be calling DM first.

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2013

Just bought a used truck from D&M. The truck is in great condition and was told that it was clean and everything was inspected and in showroom condition.

Drove it for one day and the low tire pressure sensor came on. I figured that the cold weather caused the tires to deflate slightly. Went to three different tire companies and they all told me the same thing, these tires are very worn. I could continue to drive on them, but they discouraged it.

I have a 15 month old son and I am very upset that they would sell me a car that they checked and most likely knew the tires were worn and old, but sold to me anyways. Was told that they sale the trucks as is and sales are final. I guess I got played for a fool. I emailed the GM, but no response.

Thankfully the sensor went off or I might have been driving on bad tires for a while and risking my son's safety.

I will never buy a vehicle from them again. I am also a teacher and you can bet with over 1,000 teachers and staff in my district I will be spreading the word.


We have had the worst experience ever with D&M Leasing. They are cons.

They have lied and they set up their leasing terms to trap the customer. They over charge you and you will end up upside down no matter what.

They do not keep their word. I will be spreading the word to my entire school district as well and anyone else who will stop long enough to listen to NEVER do business with these snakes.


Can you not visually inspect a tire yourself?

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