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If you would do me the favor of responding through email I will get some details and personally make sure you get all of the information you are looking for. We do have prices listed but may need to direct you to the right person. I apologize for your frustration and look forward to working with you. JG
Dallas, Texas

I am a motavated buyer and I feel like you guys are literally spinning my wheels. You send me a list of cars with no prices. I can shop in my parking garage all day...BMW, Mercedes, Audi.

I spent time speaking with you thru your fact finding process. You ask me to send you my pay off, you ask me for a credit card deposit.....blind.

I get a call/ message today from someone that wants to know what I trying to accomplish? I am trying to buy or lease a car!

I gave you my requirements and a list of cars etc... - I never once said I want a VW.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dm Auto Leasing Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Gaspe, Quebec, Canada #912806

ah oui pour la taouin qui a perdu 20 $,joe envoye y dont un ti cheque qui nous calisse patience lol

Gaspe, Quebec, Canada #912803

gang de poudré , where is all the tire i need a cheque de bs or two to buy remolded tire to keep on spinning

and for the thousand and hundred of you , dm auto releasing and *** a terre or whatever your popular name is: spin spin spin

Gaspe, Quebec, Canada #912801

i feel like spinning both of my rear wheels


now i dont have any tire left in my city the only option that i have is stealing tire on dealership to continue the *** spinning everywhere, my cadallac est pimper comme el criss , so i will spin like a manic on my rim till 1010 tire give me a new delivery.

By the way auto release management releasing whatever your name is , i like you and i respect every aspect of your popular web site, i got thousand of review every day , keep on spinning brother in arm !!!

Ontario, California, United States #770894

One year later and still a lot of tire spin . I tried to get awd but my caddalac refuse it so I duck taped a front diff over DA hood *** so I spin like a crazy maniac everywhere and what my front wheel do ??

Exactly like you DM release machine chose : nothing

Keep it up gang de mangeux de tire


keep on spinning my friend :upset

to luc Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada #591405

Hey everyone interested (thousands and thousands of you)i just got new winter rubber for my pimped out cadallac and i will break stand every fu@kin corner in my city till i spin my head ..that will involve alot of smoke show

And by the way dm auto whatever continue to spin your wheel my friend i respect that

Peace a terre pou 2$


*** my tire is all messed up...i spinned my wheel too much...

I need new rubber to start spinning again and again..ill keep you updated for sure . i feel like there alot of interest in that thread !!


No answer ??? Now im spinning both of my rear wheels right now i just got a limited slip differential so *** OFF


If you were spinning your wheels,why doesnt it smell rubber all over the place....and also where the mark on the parking lot ??