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Radar2006, I understand your frustration and will look into the situation here. Please feel free to contact me directly. Even though this occurred some time ago I'd like to talk to you about it and see what we can do as compensation for your troubles. Please contact me at 800-654-1288 x 205. We do over seven hundred transactions a month and your issue did not come to my attention. I apologize for that. No excuses, just the truth. Let's talk soon. Thanks, Joe
Alamogordo, New Mexico

D&M leasing sold me a vehical they claimed was checked out and had no problems. 150 miles from Dallas truck broke down.

FORD dealers in Amarillo and Albuquerque said blown gasket was preexisting condition. Cost to repair -$6700 plus tax. D&M Leasing and their drivetrain warranty Co. Gulfstream refused to pay any part of repair and and D&M refused to take truck back.

These people pushed the warranty as a way to protect buyer. However, the Gulfstream warranty Co. Refused to pay for repairs.

Don't rely on their warranty or their verbal promises. Texas has no laws protecting purchasers of older used vehicals.

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