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Car leasing.

Hi there we require 2 vehicles. We have just moved from the UK and are waiting for our SSN to come through before we can contact and start the process.

I just wanted to ask do you offer an option for leasing where your not required to put any money down?

We assumed you had to and we're expecting this but after speaking to several other dealerships this was not a requirement. Please can you clarify for me with your company.

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by By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1386386

Thank you for inquiring with us. Deals that are done with someone who is not a US citizen are handled on an individual basis with a handful of lenders. Generally speaking the lenders like to see the client put some cash down because it is a riskier loan than someone who has lived here their whole life. We would be happy to discuss the specifics with you when you are ready. You may contact us at 817-461-8888 and ask for a sales agent to assist you. Let us know if you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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