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Thank you for bringing your situation to our attention. We appreciate the opportunity to respond and improve our customer response and service. Please understand that our leases are tailored to your exact needs and situation. It seems from your comments about negative equity you may have had a vehicle at the time as a trade in. An apples to apples comparison with an advertised dealer program is almost impossible in that situation. We are the largest and most competitive consumer leasing company in the county and our rates are based on our volume. For over 35 years sixty to seventy percent of our business is from repeat and referred clients. Please be assured that unless there was an egregious mistake, our prices, service and results are not only competitive but exceptional. Please accept my apology if there was any miscommunication during this process. We regret the fact that you may not have gotten what you needed from our agent. If there is ever anything I can do personally for you please do  not hesitate to call. Joe Graber, President 817-925-3399 x305   
Newark, Delaware

I have leased several vehicles from car dealerships. I heard the ad on the radio promising the best monthly rates in the market, so id ecided to check them out.

I was contacted right away by Misti and she seemed really nice. She was very to the point and I liked that from her. After talking a couple times she recommended a car that I was actually interested in. It was a 2013 model with 30k miles on it.

She then proceded to quote me a price that I found ridiculous! The price she quoted was the same price I would pay for the exact same vehicle but a 2015 model and brand new 0miles straight out of the dealership. When I commented that I did not see any value on paying more for al older vehicle she said she would "shee what she can do" and get back to me.

This was 3 weeks ago and I have not heard back from her.

Saty clear of D&M, the prices are NOT the lowest in the market, more like the priciest for those who do not know anything about out! you can have a much better deal directly with a dealrship (And beware their NEGATIVE EQUITY spiel, in the end it comes down to how much you are paying per month and this is not a good deal).

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