This was our 2nd lease with Mark and once again, he pulled off the impossible. We leased our first car 10 months ago and soon discovered that we needed something a little bigger.

I contacted Mark in March but he was on medical leave so we decided to wait for his return to D&M. Yes, we like him that much! As soon as he was back, I made a phone call to him as well as the credit union who had my current lease. Of course, the credit union wanted us to go directly through them so we decided to give it a shot and go with the better option.

I should've known that would end up being Mark and it was! They put me through the ringer and pretty much told me it would be difficult to do because I hadn't been in the car long enough, too much negative equity and wouldn't finance it unless I put $15,000 down. Guess what? Mark not only made it happen but our down payment was minimal and our monthly lease payment was less than what we expected.

I said it 10 months ago and I'll say it again, we will never do business with anyone else.

Mark Meyer has proven to us that a car buying/leasing experience doesn't have to be painful, exhausting and down right dirty. He is honest, hard working, and the most personable in the business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dm Auto Leasing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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