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Dr. Smith-

Thank you for bringing our shortcomings to our attention. I am glad we were able to identify your concerns, resolve them and reestablish confidence with D&M going forward. We look forward to servicing your account for many years to come!

Best Regards,
Jeremy Chesshir
Sales Manager, D&M Leasing

I began the lease process with Michael ...... in the first week of August 2019.

Although the car I desired was not readily available, one was located and driven by an employee from Houston. A small chip occurred in the front windshield was repaired quickly and the car was returned within the day. There was no new inspection sticker replaced and I informed Michael ...... about this and he advised me to go myself to a Tarrant County office and obtain one for which I would be reimbursed.

That was not available since the car had not made its way through registration yet. Over the span of August and September, I was contacted by D&M corporate 4 times via harassing letters either my insurance coverage was insufficient or the very latest one made an outright false accusation that may coverage was canceled on 9/13/19 which is patently untrue. Each letter was handled by my insurance agent 4 times and was assured the coverage was in place and at the limits or above what was needed. As far as the plates and sticker, they were finally located and got to me September 27th, 3 days prior to my temporary tag expired.

These 4 letters concerning insurance were unnecessary because my agent’s name and phone number on clearly visible on each document sent and corporate could contacted him rather by sending threatening letters stating my lease would be voided if I didn’t send the information they requested. The latest of October 4th was outrageous lie that informed me my coverage was canceled on 9/13/19 which has no basis in fact. Whoever reads this must know to generate a letter that is knowingly untrue, placing a stamp on it and then sending it is a violation of the law? It would be considered mail fraud to send false or misleading statements when it concerns monetary transactions.

I have asked to be contacted for an explanation for these blunders, I never received the promised 60 day no lease payment promise. It seems to me someone or others want to make the lease I have a monthly battle. Also for the price of the car I leased, the monthly payment does come close to the value of the car when the math is done. If D&M wants out of this lease it is your option.

Also I received a bill for $54.50 from TTA with photos of my temp tag which was obviously driven by an employee and the repair driver on local toll roads because I have taken the car over any TTA roads except through the toll both at DFW in which I paid cash. I want a personal apology, explanation and monetary reimbursement of &1500.00 from missing my work as a Dental Claims consultant and investigator for MetLife and the total of 25 hours of missed work dealing with D&M. I can be reached at (817) 675-8806.

Dr. Gary Smith

Reason of review: Corporate fumbling. Local inattention.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Apology. Monetary reimbursement .

DM Auto Leasing Cons: Agent inattentive corporate bumbling.

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