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Thanks for bringing your situation to my attention. Over the course of a month's business we talk to thousands of prospects and transact ten to twelve thousand deals a year. Generally, we do a good job with customer service and sixty to seventy percent of that business is repeat and referred. The fact that we somehow weren't in the ballpark and at worst non-responsive in your case is unacceptable. I have spoken to our general manager in the Houston market and we will make the correct changes to do a better job. If there is anything personally I can do for you in the future don't hesitate to call.
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A while ago i was trying to lease a car. I was in contact with Matt Copper. As a first buyer I was really trying to get a good deal. I was very curious about each details and Matt tried to explain everything to me. But numbers were still to high. At the end I sent message to Matt that I was not interested any more. I had a way better deal from another company. He wanted explanation from me and wanted to convince me anyway to lease from DM. I had already set up appointment. He asked me to wait and he would contact with me shortly with deal similar to other company. He has never called me back and I was delaying other person because of that. I was fair to DM. I was responding to emails and he never called me back even with " I am sorry we cannot lease u a car with that price range ". I DO NOT RECOMMEND DM.

PS: if i lease by myself i would pay about 100$ less monthly for a car. DONT BOTHER EVEN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dm Auto Leasing Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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