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DM Auto Leasing - LIARS!!!!

Dear Mr. Burstein,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I appreciate you taking the time to speak to the sales manager of our Dallas location, Jeremy Chesshir, to discuss your concerns. I apologize for any miscommunication that may have taken place. We will continue to be in touch with you to manage your lease and provide you with information that will allow you to make a well informed decision in the future. We constantly strive to improve our customer service and response to provide you the best experience possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance, my contact information is below. Thank you for being a valued client and we look forward to helping you in the future.

Joe Graber
817-461-8888 x305
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Dm Auto Leasing Sales Manager
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Our salesman misrepresented the features we were supposed to get on our car. When he came to our home to deliver the car, we noticed it did not have the features we agreed on.

I questioned him and he said those features would require a higher payment. We were in a bind and needed a car that day, so we reluctantly signed. My wife was not home so he said i could sign for her. Anything to deliver a car.

He also said that he could get us out of the lease early if we wanted to. He forgot to tell us that there would be a huge fee even if they put us into a new car with them. Companies like this give car dealers/lease bad names.

I will be bringing my story to the media as I am still steaming from m y experience. When my 4 year lease is over, I will have paid over list price and need to give it back to them.

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Dm Auto Leasing Sales Manager Review from Garland, Texas

Your recent comments were brought to my attention and I am eager to learn more about your situation. Please accept my apology for any miscommunication or issues that may have happened. We generally do a good job for our clients but with the volume of business things can occasionally slip through the cracks. Over 65% of our business is from repeat and referred clients and your satisfaction is important to me.
Let me know a good number and time to talk and I will get in touch, or call me any time in my office at the number below.
Best regards,
Joe Graber
817-461-8888 x 305
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Poor customer service

Worse experience ever even from car salesman. Was told what vehicle were were approved for, then after choosing 3 cars and 3 weeks later, on the day of signing was told that bank required more down than already approved for..

They don't return calls, never have vehicles available to see and expect u to make decision based on pictures on line. Gave deposit to hold car and after 1 1/2 weeks I still don't have my deep refunded like I've been promised.

And to think I dealt with the manager and got this kind of service. Def would not buy or suggest this to any one I know.

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DM Auto Leasing - Worst customer service ever!!!!

We appreciate you letting us know about your experience. We use situations like this to improve our customer service and response to provide the best experience possible. We would like the opportunity to earn your business. If we can be of further assistance to you please contact customer service at 877-511-0101. Sincerely, D&M Leasing Management
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Dm Auto Leasing Sales Manager

I contacted DM auto lease a week before Christmas to establish what vehicle I was looking for gave the lease agent to options on cars because I knew the first option would be hard to find for the right price . I have the leaae agent all of my information needed to make and start the transaction.

We got off of the phone he stated that this was all that he needed and that he would get started after Christmas and I as a manager of a Walmart respected that this was a busy time of the year for the company DM auto lease. I received a phone call from the sales agent on the Saturday after Christmas with the agent asking if I was still interested in the vehicle and I established again that I was and what vehicles I was interested in.Why would I give out my address social security and personal information if I was not serious in doing business with this company. I was told at the end of the phone call on Saturday that he would call me back on Wednesday 01/02/2012.

This phone call never happened instead I picked up the phone and called him right at 5pm the office closes at 6pm his first statement was glad you called and we spoke about the same things I talked about when I initially called DM auto lease he than told me he would call me right back as he just thought about something yet that call back never happens . If I'm not your target customer let me know however I was drawn to this company by your great reviews.

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The lease agent rectified the situation got me the car I was looking for sold my current car I was upside down on and got me the best deal around. I appreciate DM Auto Lease for the service and I plan to be a customer for life.

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