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In response to your anonymous complaint; If you will contact me at 972-239-2222 x205 I will be happy to discuss a rememdy for you. As a leasing company we have no service facility. It is very unlikely we turned the tires. Likely the lease trade or lease return came to us that way. If we misidentified the problem I apologize and will do whatever is reasonable to fix it for you. JG
Dallas, Texas

Leased a 2009 Honda Pilot and a week into the lease we had a low tire. Took it to tire place and tire was so cupped they refused to fix it.

Tires were intentionally rotated to inside so unless you crawled under the car, it would not show. All 4 tires were removed to show they were so badly cupped, they were not safe. Our sales person was wonderful but D&M was not. It is 2 months later.

We got reimbursed for 1 tire and are supposed to receive check for 1 more, but we are stuck with other 2. Never will deal them them in the future.

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