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It has been some time since I looked at this web site and I'd like to address some of the recent comments.
First, I hope that any of you who have a concern will take the time to speak to one of our managers or me personally. I think you will find me to be reasonable and fair. In general, I will admit that over the last 34 years we have had instances of clients who have concerns with us. We have over 15,000 active clients and nearly 70% of the business we do every month is either repeat or referred. Customer satisfaction is very important to me. We do have brick and mortar facilities but we do not inventory new cars. Most of what we do is manage our client's vehicle needs no matter what make or model; new, used, lease or finance. We have valuable local dealer partners and prime lease return inventory that help us offer exceptional value.
In the twenty-five plus years I have been here there have been virtually no clients who, after working with me to resolve an issue, have not been reasonably satisfied and had confidence restored in the company and the business they have done here. I hope any of you who may have issues will give us an opportunity to do the same for you. This site can't give you that kind of personal service.
There are no positive comments included here other than mine because of the nature of the site. If you want good comments come by the office and meet some of our clients, see the BBB ratings or see the hundreds of client photos and testimonials on Facebook. I will not try to talk you out of how you feel but I will listen and respond professionally and fairly to resolve your issues and provide the right information. JG
Plano, Texas

D&M Auto Leasing in Dallas misleads customers. Commits to paying off end of lease expenses, but does not follow-through on commitments.

I was told they would pay off my final payments and all wear and tear. Over 8 months later, and several promises to pay, they still have not paid.

Even a letter from my attorney indicating they are violating consumer laws, have not paid US Bank their money. At least at this point, US Bank has not allowed them to close other lease agreements.

Micah Torres with D&M Auto Leasing's addison office is the rat you do not want to deal with.

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US Bank has not cut off D&M Leasing. Your problem may lie with US Bank.

Google their reviews.

I work at D&M, and refuse to lease my clients through US Bank, unless absolutely necessary. EVERY lease has wear and tear restrictions.

Dallas, Texas, United States #678265

Joe, I find it funny that you "want to help so bad" and want everyone to call you with their complaints but I can't seem to find any contact info next to where your begging people to call them... Some president.

I was considering leasing from y'all but it didn't take long to learn that I should run fast and far away from D&M. I get that this is a site to complain on but pretty much all review sites give D&M negative reviews all expressing the same slimy sales tactics I'm far to familiar with. The only place that try's so hard to prove otherwise is either D&M's site or Facebook.

Which is controlled by y'all and I find it very hard to believe you would leave negative press up on your facebook wall so please continue to fool others and prey on them when they are in financial distress elsewhere. I worked at enterprise rent a car for 3 years then one day I finally realized The *** I had become and got out that mess of a "company." I just wish you could do the same instead of wasting your time on sites like these trying to continue lying to people and telling yourself you're not.


I'm really surprised at all the negative comments on this site. I've never had a better experience with a dealership than D&M Auto Leasing. Maybe it's just who I worked with, I don't know... that was Tony Jimenez and he never tried a "bate and switch" like another comment said. He went above and beyond to get me a car on a lease in my price range while I had 2 MONTHS past due on a mortgage.

He did everything he could to get me what I wanted (and succeeded with flying colors), and when my car wasn't ready when he said it would be, he DELIVERED a loaner to me so I could go on a road trip with my kids.

When my car was ready, he again delivered the car to me and drove the loaner back.

I'm a single full time dad of 3 right now and I have more than enough on my plate. Tony took care of all the hassle for me so I didn't have to worry about ***

I love D&M Auto Leasing and I love Tony! Google DM Auto Leasing and look at the POSITIVE reviews, not just the reviews on a site that focuses on all the negative. :zzz :zzz :zzz :)


There is an alternative company that provides excellent service, honestly, professionalism with a very "No Pressure" attitude. Contact Matt at LeasePro...281-648-4100. He does business the right way.


Thanks for the post folks. I am researching leaseing companies to do business with.

This was very helpful. I know who I'm not doing business with. Read Joe's response and don't care what he says he's prepared to do.

Today is June 2011, where are the good comments about D&M?? I have seen one.


We heard all the same high pressure sales pitch. Did a bait-and-switch on the options available on a lease car...brought the deal to a stop when I asked for a copy of the lease agreement the a day before delivering the car.

You want to see Jeff Neil squirm...ask for the documents ahead of time! You will never see them!

to Ken #742101

Same thing happened to us with different snake at D&M! I asked four or five times for the guy to email us the figures on a lease that he swore was the absolute best deal.

After trying to go around me and *** my husband, he finally sent a half-*** email admitting he couldn't get the car for less than about $100 MORE than I could get it for myself. They use a roll-your-own credit scoring, to come up with a score that in our case was FORTY POINTS LOWER than Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Not even close to our actual FICO, just so he could try to tell us we don't qualify for the right lease. I knew he was lying from the beginning about paying off my lease.

I talked to my leasing financier and she told me he never even called for a pay-off. Total waste of my time.


Dear Joe,

All I can relate is my bad experience with D&M. The Sales associate promised me that there would be no fees due at lease end.

The A***'s at Credit Union Of Texas said I owed 3 months for reduced value even though D&M said I would not owe this. You run a bait and switch operation.

I notice you are still posting false advertising on WBAP. I have written Gregg Abbot about this...


I was "leased" a car on Dec 7th. Eight days later the car went nuts making it unsafe to drive with my two babies.

I asked 4 times for a copy of my limited warranty and have YET to receive it. After a trip to the mechanic and THEN to the service department at a dealership the problem has yet to be resolved.

I have already paid my insurance for a car that I cannot drive and my first payment is due in a week. This is such ***.


I contacted D&M about leasing a vehicle. After "Art" collected my name and SSN (and my wife's name and SSN) they asked me for $500 up front to "hold the car on E-Bay." We hadn't even filled out paperwork yet! They tried to pressure sales me at that point, "If you were serious, you'd give me the $500." I told them I wasn't leasing a car they bought off of E-bay, and they tried to tell me I was buying a car. (the previous 5 conversations I had were clearly about me leasing a vehcile.) After I filed complaints with the BBB and Consumer Affairs, I contacted Joe Graber, who forwarded me to Lisa Woodard, who forwarded me to Jeff Neil. Jeff gave me a bunch of double-talk about how they only make money off of leasing cars, but they sold 719 cars last month, told me I didn't qualify to lease a car, and that I didn't qualify to buy a car from anywhere else other than D&M auto leasing, and that they couldn't sell me the car I wanted (which they tried to sell me before) and tried to sell me a different car for more than what I wanted to pay.

This is a bait and switch company. You call them for a lease, they try to sell you a used car off of E-Bay. They say they bought a company that sells cars on E-Bay, so they "own the company" but it's not D&M selling the cars on E-Bay. You still have to put $500 to "hold the car" on E-Bay. The credit scores are used to get a loan from the bank to sell you the car. In my case, they never even told me we were transitioning from lease to sale. They have some method in which they can transition from a sale to a lease on the same vehicle so that is part of the scam, most likely. I'm glad that I didn't give them the $500 because it became obvious later that they would not be able to operate within the specifications I had set forth at the beginning of the call. "sorry, can't do that, but we have your $500. What car would you like to put that towards?"

D&M auto leasing is an AUTO FINANCING company, not a leasing company, that is straight out of Jeff Neil's mouth.

I could go on with the multitude of contradictory things said, but the short of it is this, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don't give away your money to people over the phone. Save your money and go buy a car from a group with a brick and mortar building. If you want to buy their cars, just search for them on E-Bay, that's where you are buying them from anyways, and you are probably getting the same financing. Your local dealership leases vehicles as well, so you are probably safer dealing with them.


GP, I would like to address your issues directly, even though it has been some time ago. If we have issues to which I can respond, I want to help.

Please call me personally at the Grand Prairie office and let me know about your situation. Thanks

to Joe Graber President, D&M Leas Grapevine, Texas, United States #642053


My name is Sam Vaughn. I am in my second lease car with D&M and I believe I have a lemon.

I have had it since 3-21-13 and it has been in the shop twice. It seems like a transmission problem but Ford continues to tell me it is "the way it is supposed to run". I am not happy with this car and have tried my best to get someone to fix this car or let me out of this lease and to no prevail have I had any luck. Sara Shinn is my sales rep and has done what she can.

What will it take to to make this right with me. I was referred to Sara and I have referred several people to her but I am a very unhappy customer and won't lease again from D&M unless this issue is resolved.

to samvaughn11 Dfw Airport, Texas, United States #800254

I was also in a vehicle we felt was "undriveable" after it was delivered to our home. I asked twice for help from D&M and was ignored/brushed off, not taken seriously.

Their idea of customer service is only as it benefits them, they will quickly turn the tables on you and make it appear you, the customer, are the problem, since so so many other customers are happy. Right...


Carman, I am curious if the people who have complained about D&M to you are customers of ours and how you came about the information. Please feel free to call me personally so I can learn more.

If there is anything I can personally do to help you with any auto needs, whether you do business with us or not, I will be glad to give you all the information you need to make the best decision and save money. Thanks in advance for your response.


Your comments on this site have been brought to my attention. I would like to hear more about your experience.

The large majority of our clients are happy with their experience here and I'd like to try to reconcile this with you. Please contact me by replying to this message or call the office and ask for me personally. If I am not available please ask for Lisa, the cuastomer service manager, and she will get me.

Whether you decide to retract your statement or not perhaps I can restore some of your confidence in our service. Thanks,


They suck... dont deal with them.

alot of people have complained to me about them.


I am curious if & how this was resolved. I am going through the same thing with D & M, Micah Torres (who is no longer with them).